There are some demos of the Konva Framework. But also we have a lot of tutorials for almost every aspect of the framework.

Games and Apps

Wheel of Fortune

Free Drawing

Animals on the Beach Game

Planets Image Map

Physics Simulator

CAD Systems

Simple Window Frame

Window Frame Designer

Seats Reservation

Drawing Labels on Image

Interactive Building Map

Common use cases

Editable Text

Rich Text rendering

Canvas Scrolling

Gif Animation

Display Video

SVG on Canvas

Custom Font

Relative Pointer Position

Drop DOM Element

Objects Snapping

Zoom Relative To Pointer

Context Menu

Performance tests

Drag and Drop Stress Test

Animation Stress Test

Bunnies Stress Test

10000 Shapes with Tooltip

20000 Nodes

Quantum Squiggle

Other random demos

Star Spinner

Connected Objects

Manual Image Resize

Stage Preview

Modify Curves with Anchor Points

Collision Detection

Elastic Stars

Shape Tango

Image Border Highlighting

Zoom Layer On hover

Responsive Canvas Stage

Touch Gestures

Multi-touch Scale Shape

Multi-touch Scale Stage

Modify Shape Color on Click

Expand Images on Hover

Shape Tooltip

Drag and Drop Multiple Shapes